5 reasons why you should NEVER buy a girlfriend expensive gifts

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November 15, 2018
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If you don’t believe me, ask your sister or mother whether they have ever liked a man more based on the gifts he bought her.  The answer will be a big fat NO! Truth be told, buying gifts will certainly score you a few brownie points but if she is not attracted to you, more than likely you will end up in the “Friendship Zone” which is where you do not want to end up.

So what do you do to impress that lovely Lady you just met or have just started dating without breaking the bank? Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way.

Create Memories :- Take her to a nice place or a restaurant where both of you can enjoy a nice meal and each other’s company. There’s even the added bonus of getting to observe her manners if this is important to you.  When you connect with a woman emotionally, you are more likely to connect physically.

When you are comfortable in each other’s company, you can plan a night or a weekend away. If she is really into you, a carved figurine bought on a day out at the beach will mean more to her than any expensive gift.


Be Courteous:- Compliment her on her new hair style, nails or anything she’s done to prepare herself to see you. She didn’t spend  those hours prepping for you not to notice or acknowledge the effort.


Keep it simple:- Birthday gifts should be simple, A small bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate or a cake is perfectly adequate as a birthday present. If she is going to be with you for the rest of your life, then also consider something she can wear. It shows you actually put some thought into buying the gift; remember its quality not quantity.


Know where you stand:- Finding the right time to ask where you stand in a relationship, or if you are even in a relation at all may be a little tricky. However, you want to ask these difficult questions earlier on in a relationship before you invest any time, money or tears.

Get this questions out of the way within the first month of knowing each other; an open and honest conversation is what you need to get clarity. If after you have had this conversation and you are still unsure where you stand then you are not a relationship worth pursing, don’t waste your time, MOVE ON!


Give Flowers:- Flowers and plants are one of the most beautiful things in nature. Flowers are always appreciated on a regular basis, not 100 roses on Valentine’s Day and nothing for the rest of the year. So get your florist on speed dial, or set up a weekly or monthly flower or plant delivery to her home or office.  Some girls say they don’t like or appreciate flowers, and that’s okay. Send her a box of chocolate and a bottle of wine or a helium filled message balloon.  The best online florist with a large selection of plants, flowers, Chocolates,balloons and inexpensive gifts is; the Flower and Balloon Company. Shop online

So, when she becomes your wife, by all means splash out on all the expensive gifts you can afford. At least you know she will be with you for the long haul and your investment in that shinny new jewelry is well worth it.





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