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It’s Not Xmas, It’s CHRISTmas!

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October 21, 2018
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While out shopping with the kids, this weekend we walked past a high street shop that had just put up a giant light box decoration to mark the beginning of the holiday season.  It was the first shop to put up decorations this year and naturally we were all happy to see the glowing lights from this giant display that said XMAS!


 Why not CHRISTMAS in full, I wondered.  Is Christmas such a long word that it has to be abbreviated, it only has 9 Letters.  One letter more than Hanukkah (the Jewish Celebration), two letters more than Ramadan and the same 9 letters as Eid-El-Fitr. So why haven’t any of these other religious ceremonies been abbreviated with an X.  And why use X in its abbreviation anyway and not C, which is the most logical letter since Christmas begins with a C.


I turned to the dictionary to find out what X means- I typed into the search box (What does X mean in English).  It said, X is used to represent a number, or the name of person or thing that is not known or stated, proper noun. X can be used to represent the name of a person when you do not know their real name, or when you are trying to keep their real name a secret.


So is this why X is used to represent Christ in Christmas, to ensure Christ is unknown and to keep his name a secret? No wonder the real meaning of Christmas has been hijacked by the commercial market that push the fictitious Santa Clause and his Elves as the bearers of desirable gifts, but in actuality the most precious gift of all was God’s most precious son Jesus Christ to the world.

I am not sure how far back this Christmas to Xmas started, but there’s no reason why it should continue being this way. Just as every religious deserves to be respected, Christianity also needs to be respected. Christ cannot be replaced and should not be replaced with an X.


At Christmas we remind ourselves and others of God’s gift to us, with celebration and thanksgiving, therefore let us embrace the word of God which says in: – Ephesians 5:20 always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father.


As with anything in life, the value we place on anything we hold dear will determine others perception of it.  Christ is the reason for the season and it should never be forgotten or replaced.


Remember its CHRISTmas, not Xmas.



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